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10 Relatable Moments in this Year's Case

We're almost half way through the 2016-17 mock trial season. That means invitationals, frantically re-writing (and re-re-writing) closings before competition, and breaking down at the thought of trying to balance mock trial and finals at the same time, just weeks before AMTA releases changes.

It also means mockers have become acquainted with each witness's personality, seen different strategies from other teams, and have a sense of how each trial will play out.

Because we all know how the case should go now, it makes room for some frustrating and relatable moments in trial.

1. When Riley Winter tells the jury that he can't work anymore:

Let's be real, no one is buying that Riley Winter can't ever work again; this is basically what it sounds like when he asks for damages.

2. When a team decides not to call Shaw at captains:

Attorney-client privilege or not, Shaw can create a lot of points. Not to mention if you don't call shaw, you cost yourself case-in-chief time.

3. When Shaw is called and she gets asked why she fired Winter:

The numbers don't lie, but neither does your clunkers email, Sawyer.

4. When Fogel realizes they don't have a strong conclusion so they start throwing out numbers:

Vic Fogel is like the cooler version of Riley Winter, but they still don't say anything about why Riley is fired....

5. Dr. Owens takes the stand and says TBD doesn't have an age discrimination policy:

"...or any other class protected by law."

6. Kirby Doolittle is asked why they're testifying:

Go ahead and pull that knife out of Winter's back, Kirby.

7. Dr. Kramar says that they aren't biased for the plaintiff:

Those referrals are just a coincidence, huh?

8. If Skye Martin gets crossed on HR practices, this is definitely going down:

and we're glad it happens, because if we have to say "People Policy" one more time...

9. What everyone thinks when Edwards says "I always answer when Sawyer calls:"

We all know some team is going to play it that way.

And Finally...

10. The look on your face any time someone asks what TBD actually stands for:


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