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Interested in Joining for the 2017-18 Season?

Interested in joining the Mock Trial team? The officers and coaches will hold an interest meeting on August 23rd at 8:15 PM, in the Raccoon Mountain Room in the UC. Auditions for new members will be held on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of August. The auditions are designed to test thinking, public speaking and acting skills. Information on times and locations will be posted and emailed. To express interest and sign up for email updates, go here.

Mock trial is a big time commitment; our coaches have created a team with ambition and drive for the upcoming season. Although it is a non-academic activity, it's also a competition and is treated as such. We want to win, and want you to win as well. This mentality has paid off; it has lead to

three top-three tournament finishes, 8 individual awards, a national ranking improvement of 117 places, and a bid to the National Championship Tournament for the first time in program history last season alone. UTC surpassed UT-Knoxville and Vanderbilt to be the second highest single-season ranked program in the state in 2017.

Mock trial is more than an extra-curricular activity here at UTC. It's more than rules and practices and competitions. It is, although sometimes it's hard to tell, more than a group of people who like to argue with each other; mock trial at UTC is a community, and that's something special.

For more information on joining, try-outs, or the interest meeting, visit our JOIN page or send us an email at

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